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    1.Adhesion: resin content is reasonable, in the bottom oil added special rubber elastomer, strong adhesion. To ensure the reasonable construction technology will not appear fall off phenomenon. 2.Good resistance to crack: hot melt marking because of temperature change,prone to cracking phenomenon...
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  • road marking paint original manufacture

    road marking paint original manufacture

    (According to user needs to choose the color: white,yellow, red,blue,etc.) Consisting of EVA, PE petroleum resin,wax, pigment and filler materials, at room temperature is a powder, with hot melt kettle is heated to 180 to 200 DEG C,stirring 3-5 minutes after a flow like insulation, solid film fo...
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  • Application and characteristics of road marking paint

    Hot melt reflective marking paint is mainly used on highways and expressways above class 2. The marking coating thickness of this paint is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm. Reflective glass beads are mixed in the paint, and reflective glass beads are sprinkled on the surface during marking construction. This marki...
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  • Do you know these signs and markings?

    Traffic signs and markings remind people how to go and what to pay attention to when driving and walking, which plays an extremely important role in maintaining traffic order and ensuring traffic safety. They are: The color of the centerline of the carriageway is white or yellow, which is used to...
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  • What are the regulations for setting up traffic safety facilities?

    The purpose of setting traffic safety facilities is to ensure the safety of driving and pedestrians and give full play to the role of the highway. The setting regulations are as follows: overpass bridges or underpasses shall be set at sections where pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles cross e...
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  • Road Marking machine

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  •  Characteristics of reflective glass beads

    Characteristics of reflective glass beads Reflective glass beads are solid glass spheres with small diameter. They are made of glass powder composed of silicon, sodium and calcium and fired at high temperature. Because of its high roun...
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